Zoe in star wars land

This week our kittens have gotten even more adventurous and are now venturing out for long periods of time to play. They chase us down the hallway and creep into the girls bedroom if they hear the girls playing in there.

Zoe likes to create little “play areas” for them during the day, and give these areas themes with the use of toys and stuff. My favourite so far has been “Star Wars land”. Isaiah’s blanket, a couple of the star wars pet toys, and Daddy’s little star wars people beanies were all set out for the kittens to climb over and play with. Zoe was telling the kittens some imagined story about Obi-wan and Leia (they were in love I think?? At least she kept on making them “kiss” haha).

Obi in Star wars land

kitten yoga

Looks like he’s doing a little bit of kitten yoga don’t you think?

giving a kitten a kiss

Kitty kisses. These guys are so, so loved already.

snoozing kittens star wars

sleeping three week old persian kitten

And when they play hard, they crash hard. Don’t you love the teeny little ewok pillow? ;)

Koda teacup pomeranian

Look! Not a kitten! My Koda boy turned FOUR this week. He is still so tiny most people think he’s just a little puppy. He’d be lucky to weigh even two kilos. We bought him some birthday treats from Sophie Blue dog treats (handmade and local) this past weekend and even his fussy (seriously, I have never met such a fussy dog) loved them like crazy. Koda being four means we have lived in Tamworth for almost four full years now too. Man that time has gone fast… I still miss Sydney most days.

lilly in black and white

Sweet Lilly today. Suddenly looking soooo much older to me. And those freckles of hers. I could swear that every time she steps outside, the sun gives her another kiss.

lilly and four week old persian kittens

armful of kittens

Kittens! Look how big they’ve gotten. Four weeks old tomorrow. I have to go away for nearly a week, and I’m sure when I get back I’ll be shocked at how much bigger they are again. Going to miss my kiddos and kittens soooo much. Maybe I will not miss being woken up several times a night by children standing over the top of me staring silently down at me until I wake up (so creepy!!)… or kittens meowing loudly at all hours of the night. Maybe. Actually, probably not. I’ll probably miss it all by the second night.

lilly's photo idea

lilly and our kitten

Lilly and I went down to my studio with a few of the kittens this afternoon to take a few photos.  She found the little flower crown (that I’d made for a doll) down there and insisted on putting it on a kitten. “It’s okay that he’s a BOY mum, because he doesn’t even KNOW that he’s a boy, does he. And boys can wear flowers anyway.” Of course they can.

kitten in a floral crown

I’m not quite sure little boy was as convinced though.

kitten cuddles

cat love

Look. At. That. Nose. / dies of cute overload /.

playing with four week old kittens


And that’s about it I guess. Enjoy your weekend, friends!

xox Amanda

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sleeping three week old kittens

Three weeks! Seriously. The time has flown past. The kittens are already so much bigger, so much fluffier, soooo much cuter.

three week old kitten

This little cutie, who is the biggest of the bunch, now has a name thanks to his future family! They’ve called him “Simba” and I think it suits him perfectly.

girl kitten three weeks

Doesn’t she have the prettiest eyes? This miss is still Zoe’s favourite, still has various names thanks to Zoe that are most often: “Crystal, Rainbow Flower, Little baby fluffy girl, Cutie pie.” She’s not quite so darkly brown-black anymore – still a very deep chocolatey colour, but she is getting longer white/grey hairs on her legs and little “stripes” of lighter brown on her body.

Obi at three weeks old

Obi, getting cuter by the second. He has the saddest, sweetest looking little face and is still the biggest snuggler of the bunch. His face just makes you want to pick him up for cuddles all the time. The eyes… ahhhh.

unimpressed three week old persian kitten

My little guy.. looking completely unimpressed with the world. I get you little guy, I totally get you.

totally crashed kitten three weeks

And the other little mister. Completely crashed out fast asleep next to my husband this afternoon. Look at those paws up near his cheeks. Dare you not to go “aww”.

playing with Obi

Obi persian three weeks old

Every single day they get a little bit more adventurous and playful. They’ve started wandering out of my bedroom for short periods of time (before Ophelia hustles them back in!) and the kids are really enjoying being able to play with them much more before they need to sleep again.

sleeping zonked out kitten

See? One moment happily playing, swatting at little bits of Zoe’s hair, and the next moment completely 100% zonked out asleep. The cutest.

carriage full of cuteness

Five little kitties in a baby carriage. Can I resist taking photos of them? Nooo no no.

kittens in a doll's pram

I love how in this shot all of the boys are just sitting there looking cute while little girly is hanging over the side. There’s one in every family, right?

three week old persian kitten

And lastly, the cutest little face. No wonder I’m getting hardly any knitting done right now.

xox Amanda

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2 week old persian kittens

These little guys are keeping us all so entertained and happy. Morning snuggles, afternoon snuggles, nighttime snuggles… actually, pretty much all day snuggles. And now that our kittens are all starting to get a little bit playful, we’re spending even more time obsessing over them.

baby girl kitten 2 weeks old

two week old persian kitten

black persian kitten

The lone baby girl kitten. Zoe’s favourite. She’s super duper sweet and how flipping cute is that photo with her wee tongue poking out? And her eyes… gosh. So pretty. Zoe wavers between calling her “Cutie” “Crystal” (the little girls current favourite name for just about anyone and everything?! who knows why…) and “Sweetheart”.

Obi persian kitten two weeks

persian kitten baby

Little “Obi”, as named by his future family. I love his sad looking face.

sleepy kitten two weeks

grey persian kitten

Ummm I think this wee guy might have a favourite pose?? Haha. He’s a little cuddler and loves falling asleep snuggled up under my chin.

two week old grey persian kitten

And this darling boy is the biggest of the bunch. I swear he’s almost twice the size of the rest of them and tackles them all already. He also has a family in waiting, but no name yet.

baby kittens

little poser kitten

My favourite. Just. So. Cute.

kittens in the sunshine



toddler kitten cuddlers

The girls could seriously spend all day with the kittens and not get bored, especially now that the kittens are so much more active.

Ophelia and her babies

Mama Ophelia and her darlings. She has claimed my bed as her preferred daytime resting place. At night, they all snuggle into blankets underneath my bedside table.

walking dead daryl dixon kitten

Daryl Dixon, protector of small and fuzzy things? Haha. I couldn’t resist posing my DD plushie with my favorite little guy.

daryl dixon plush and adorable kittens

xox Amanda



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11 day old kittens

Our little guys just keep getting cuter and cuter! I can hardly stop myself from taking photo after photo of them (even harder to resist sharing every single one of them). Inching close to two weeks now, they’ve all more or less opened their eyes and are even starting to venture out of their little nest on their own. They take quivery little steps and creep on over to whoever is nearby for a cuddle. Did I say they were getting cuter and cuter? SOOO TRUE. Every single day they get cuter.

11 day old persian kittens

adventurous newborn kitten

The little calico baby is the most adventurous of the bunch. The first to sneak out of the nest, the first to take “steps”, the first to decide it’s nice to snuggle up to somebody and purr away contentedly. Definitely my favourite.

adventurous newborn persian kitten

Seriously. Look at that face.

first newborn kitten steps

newborn persian kitten calico

He kept trying to “chase” me whenever I moved backwards with my camera.

Zoe and black persian kitten

And this little one has gone from being the most vocal and needing to be right with Ophelia all the time, to wanting to cuddle up to people. She was licking Zoe’s eyelashes before settling in for a sleep.

cuddling with newborn kittens

adorable newborn persian kitten

Zoe loves to sing to them all. Any kind of song. She’ll make it up as she goes along. She was singing a funny little song she learn at preschool, “I just wanna be a sheep baa baa” to this one while it fell asleep.

sleeping 12 day old kitten

And that’s about it. As you can see, right now it’s all kittens all the time.

xox Amanda

P.s Are any of you guys on TSU? It’s a new social media platform kind of like twitter/instagram and stuff combined. Join me or let me know your username if you’re already on there!

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knitted custom order little labyrinth

Lots of little knits going on right now. Bears and bonnets and tiny shorties for newborns. It’s been awhile since I really offered anything beyond the bears and bunnies in my shop, so it’s been enjoyable working on tiny clothes once again. Even better is when I get to see them on fresh little bubbas!

Brambles bear

kittens in my yarn

kittens in my yarn


Kittens in my yarn. Don’t worry, this isn’t stuff I use to knit things for my shop – that’s a glorious pile of Mad Tosh waiting just the right project to come along. In the meantime, I couldn’t help snuggling the kittens down into it. Speaking of the kittens, they are 9 days old today! Wow that went fast. They’ve pretty much doubled in size in the last week.

Piper and the kittens

isaiah and kittens

I really have to try so hard to reign myself in and not post eleventy billion photographs of the kittens. I just can’t stop taking photos of them! We all spend a huge amount of time just staring at them or snuggling them.

isaiah, ophelia and kittens

kitty kisses

So. Darn. Cute.

kittens on my WIP

one week old kittens snuggled next to yarn

Ok ok how about a little more knitting content? I’ve started another sock with this really pretty Madeline Tosh sock yarn. It’s the perfect gentle, calming shade of greyish blue and I am loving working with it. That said, I have yet to come across a shade of Tosh sock that I don’t enjoy.

sock designing

sock design so far

kitten eyes opening

And back to kittens. Sorry, not sorry. Look who just started to open up their eyes! The above photo was yesterday, and today both eyes are open with a few of the siblings starting to open up their eyes too. The kids are all very excited.

9 days old eyes open

9 days old open eyes

sleeping kittens 9 days old

Ok ok. I know. Way too many kitten photos.

In unrelated things, Isaiah is getting really bad growing pains in his legs, particularly at night. Enough to wake him up sobbing and unable to go back to sleep. I’ve started massaging his lower legs and giving him a heat pack to help with the pain, but if you have any suggestions on how to help ease the pain I would love to hear them. I feel so badly for him. The older two had growing pains but not to this extent.

xox Amanda


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Zoe watching two day old kittens

Our sweet little kittens are two days old now. Ophelia is being an amazing mama cat. She stays with them almost constantly unless I’m with them! It is the funniest thing. She “dumped” them into my lap yesterday, one at a time, and every time I put them back she would bring them straight back out of the nest again and leave them in my lap.

curled up two day old kittens

persian kitten cuddles

During Piper’s nap time today I allowed Zoe to snuggle with the kittens a little bit. Zoe is fascinated by them and will happily just lay there watching them for ages. Even I can just sit there and stare at them for the longest time. I love watching the way they all snuggle into each other, a little pile-of-kittens, constantly shifting in subtle ways to stay warm and cozy.

five persian kittens and zoe

handful of two day old persian kittens

Three little grey kitties, one pure blackish-brown, and one black with white. All of them 100% unbearably cute.

zoe watching kittens

A little furry pile of cuteness.

two persian kittens

two day old persian kittens

Zoe took these two photographs for me. Pretty good don’t you think?! I’m so impressed with her haha. Don’t tell anybody, but I think the little black and white one may just be my favourite right now.

xox Amanda

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Piper as snow princess handmade

Last week I came across some beautiful sparkly snowflake fabric and couldn’t resist bringing it home to make some costumes for my little girls. Like every other young kid out there, they all adore Frozen and have been wrapping themselves in our playsilks, towels, sheets, and anything that can become cloak-like to transform into Elsa. I didn’t want to make something that looked “too” Elsa-like though, since I wanted there to still be some amount of creative interpretation available. I made a super long cape (maybe too long, I might change up my design next time) and then needle felted a quick little crown to complete the outfit. I haven’t had time to make costumes for Lilly or Zoe yet, so there has been fierce competition over who gets to wear the cape!

needle felted crown

tiny snow princess

It is quite ridiculously long on Piper, but not too bad on the other girls. They love running at full speed in it and watching it swirl out behind them. Still, I may make them smaller next time and make some little skirts to match with the leftover fabric.

Isaiah is always reading

Isaiah. Always reading. He has just about finished the Leventhumps series and is already asking me what he should read next. This kid is pretty much never without a book in his hands. At this rate we will probably need to convert his bedroom into a library.

one hour old newborn persian kittens

Ophelia had her kittens this morning! Last night she wouldn’t leave my side for a moment, and kept jumping into bed with me and snuggling right up next to me. Matt kicked her out at one stage and she meowed and meowed until I followed her out to the lounge, to “my spot”. I went back to bed and she followed again before we shut the door (husband does not enjoy cats in the bed haha). I ended up falling asleep at around 3am and was woken up at 6am by Lilly yelling that Ophelia had had a kitten in my spot on the lounge.

one hour old persian kittens

one hour old persian kittens

Unfortunately she had two born still, but there are five adorable cuties living and doing well so far. In the above photos, Ophelia is literally a couple of handspans away from me, grooming herself. You can ever so slightly see her as the vague grey shape in the background of the photo of Piper below.

Piper and kittens

black kitten in maddy's hands

Ophelia is doing well. She has been meowing at me until I rub her head and actually seems happy when I move the kittens for a moment or two. She suddenly starts to groom herself like crazy (still lots of birth gunk in her fur) and then settles back when I move them back to her again.

handful of three hour old persian kittens

I cannot get over the cuteness. I guess maybe they look a little weird when they’re so small to some, but I still find them to be completely adorable.

zoe hula hooping

zoe learning to hula hoop

Hula hooping on a crazy cold day a week or two ago.

little girls playing makeup hair salon

Girly girls playing with Madison’s makeup.

Piper's noro socks

I also finished knitting up some wee little socks for Piper and Zoe. I knit with Noro Silk Garden sock yarn, which has the most gorgeous rustic texture and lovely colours. One of the most enjoyable things about noro in my opinion, is the crazy colour changes and combinations. As I’ve said before, matching socks are totally overrated, so I just knit and let the colours do their own thing. No pattern, just your basic vanilla sock.  They turned out SO cute but totally impractical for our hot weather. It was 37 degrees C (98.6F) today!

little girls in noro handknit socks

zoe playing ostheimer toys

Way way too hot to wear their socks for more than a few moments for the photograph, but Zoe decided they would make a nice field for her sheep.

noro socks

Yikes. Long post! Photo overload! What have you guys been up to lately?

xox Amanda


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little girls painting

One of my girls favourite activities to do is painting. Now that the weather is so much warmer we’re able to take our painting outside, where it doesn’t matter how much mess they make or how crazy they get with the paint. And let me tell you, they like to get crazy with paint! No surface is safe (which is why I feel so much more comfortable with them painting outside). It usually starts out sedately enough, with paper set out for them, but quickly evolves into something much more, err, creative.

toddler painting time

painting in the spring time

Sometimes I try to keep things more structured (such as when we do watercolour), but often it’s way more fun to let them do their own thing and get a bit crazy. I set out a variety of brushes, and in this case, they also chose to grab some flowers from the garden to paint and use as little stamps on the paper and each other. It was only a few minutes before the brushes were turned from paper to their own selves as the canvas.

toddler painting her belly

painting themselves

I love it when the little girls decide they’d rather paint themselves than paper. Cause really, why not? They’re only a quick bath away from being clean again anyway.

little girls painting

painting piper's face

“Zoe can you paint me like a tiger?”

messy toddler painting days

creative painting flowers

Zoe painting a rose

painted roses

Channeling their inner Queen-of-Hearts maybe? hehe.

little girls messy painting fun

paint on paper by piper and zoe

painting on a spring afternoon with kids

As you can see, my little artists had a lot of fun with paint this afternoon. Messy, crazy, creative fun. The best kind of all.

xox Amanda

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mismatched handknit socks

Knitting calms my brain. When I’m drowning within my own mind, knitting is the one thing that can help keep me centered and pull me back from the edge. I don’t know why it is, but as each stitch is formed I can literally feel the shift in my body as everything numbs down and I concentrate on the smooth motions of needles and yarn. Sometimes I want to knit complicated things, let my crazy be distracted into stitch patterns, charts, lace, anything that requires concentration and dedication. But when things are the worst, I crave simple, mindless knitting.

I’ve been knitting lots of socks lately. Socks have become my go-to when I need to get out of my own head. The above are about as simple as they come. Basic vanilla socks, no pattern needed, in a yarn that does all of the crazy colour work for me. The yarn is zauberball crazy sock, and yep, the colours really are crazy. I wouldn’t normally go for reds or oranges (so not me at all) but I saw this last time I was at a yarn shop and had to have it. I didn’t bother to split it into two even balls, because matching socks are overrated. Just ask my kids.

the walking dead socks

And these pretties are my TWD socks. My husband is a The Walking Dead junkie just like me, and he sneakily and amazingly ordered me a skein of The Walking Dead sock yarn from Nerd Girl Yarns. I made up the pattern so that they would be just this side of vanilla, and I love the way they turned out. I can’t say enough good things about the yarn either. Beautiful rich colour, and the base (bounce & stomp) was a dream to knit with. Definetly have a whole bunch more Nerd Girl colourways on my wishlist.

the walking dead socks

Daryl approves.

sneaky piper

Piper with Daryl Dixon

Cheeky monkey, covered in paint and totally dishevelled, sneaking in to my photo to steal away my Daryl Dixon plush. She told me “Dis is my boy. Me love him.” and proceeded to carry it around all afternoon and insisted on taking it to bed with her (No, she has not seen TWD!).

newborn set for Skye Johansen

I knit up this matching “set” of newborn goodies for my friend Skye and her soon-to-be-born little bundle. Basic little (no pattern) shorties, a Brambles Bear, and two Evie bonnets knit with i-cord ties rather than ribbons. I used natural undyed merino/alpaca yarn, and Brambles is stuffed with organic 100% wool stuffing.

 mini briar bunny

mini briar bunny

mini briar bunny

Yet another Briar Bunny. Lucky I love knitting them. I enjoy seeing their “character” appear. This one was a customer request – she’s smaller than usual, with shorter, slightly pointier ears and a sweet little pink angora nose.

BFF socks

And finally, FINALLY, the finished “BFF” socks.  I knit a pair for me, and a pair for Bec. Bec’s are striped, mine are plain, both have cream ribbing cuffs and toes. After spending what felt like forever knitting the pairfor Bec I really did not feel like knitting more stripes, hence why mine ended up plain. They actually went about a million times faster too, but that could also be because I have tiny feet. And I only had to bug Bec for three weeks to get her to finally take a photo of hers so I could share.

bec BFF socks

Knit with absolutely stunning (and sparkly!) Countess Ablaze Viscount of Spark sock yarn in the “Fake Your Death” colourway. (Above photograph courtesy Bec).

BFF socks

And apart from a bunch of stuff I haven’t gotten around to photographing yet (Blythe knits! lots of Blythe knits…) that’s about all.

What about you guys? What have you been knitting lately?

xox Amanda

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Spring toddler flowers hair

The sun is out. The air is warm. Everything is brighter, happier.

daisy chain flowers hair

gathering flowers

Our yard is filled with happy daisies. I can’t keep many plants alive, but the daisies grow like crazy no matter how terrible my garden-keeping skills are.

little spring flower toddler

flower crown wreathe toddler

xox Amanda

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